GoByte (GBX) Masternode Setup

To run a masternode, our system is require to provide masternode outputs only. However we've divided the whole processes into 3 steps as below:


-Download the lastest GoByte wallet at https://gobyte.network/

-The fresh GoByte address with 1000 GBX ( At least 15 confirmations in one transaction)

2.Order masternode

-Go to https://masterhost.io/ to register an account

-Process the order with masternode ouputs information: Open local wallet-> Tool-> Debug console,type : masternode outputs

-Process checkout

3. Run the masternode

-Receive masternode.conf's file via email registerred, or download this file at user profile

-Copy masternode.conf to Gobyte folder

-Restart the local wallet and Start alias( Start all or Start missing)

That's all 

Happy Masternoding