Harvest Coin (HC) Masternode Setup

To run a masternode, our system is require to provide masternode outputs only. However we've divided the whole processes into 3 steps as below:


-Download and run the lastest wallet at https://www.harvestcoin.org/

-Create a collateral address at local wallet: Go to receive->New Adress->Lable: MN1-> OK-> copy address


-Your wallet should be encrypt: Settings-> Encrypt wallet -> Type your passphase

-We highly recommend you to backup the wallet: File-> Backup wallet and do not share  wallet.dat to anyone

-Send exactly  10,000 HC( No more,no less and calculate the fee as well) to collateral address. The collateral should be only one transaction with the balance 10,000 HC. This transaction should be have at least 15 confirmations before activation the masternode

-Activate  coin control features at local wallet: Setting->Option/Display and make sure Display Coin Control Features  are checked

2.Order masternode

-Go to https://masterhost.io/ to register an account associate with a real email, Go to Order to choose the coin and Billing Cycle

-Additional Required Information:This information is required for our system to send the full masternode configuration file . This below is how to get the Masternode outputs and Outputs Index at local wallet:

At the local wallet go to Help->Debug window->Console type: masternode outputs then copy masternode output ( Your collateral transaction) and output index ( value 0 or 1) to Additional Required Information


-Click Checkout to process the payment, you can choose which coin in the list for the payment, we accept coinpayments.net

Our system will process to setup masternode automatically. After payment is confirm from coinpayments.net  and then You will receive the masternode.conf’s file from our email or you can download this file at user profile at masterhost.io

The file should be like this:

-Copy this line to your masternode.conf ‘s file  at Havest’s folder normally located at :

C:\Users\Login Name\AppData\Roaming\Harvest

-Save and restart the wallet

3. Run the masternode

Open your local wallet and wait to your wallet get fully sync , enter your passphase to unlock your wallet  then go to Masternode tab to click Start, you will see Sucessfully started 1 masternodes

Congratulations your masternode is running

Noted that you can order masternode without masternode outputs:

At Additional Required Information, you can fill something like :abcxyz then process payment as normal:

After process the payment, our system will send you configuration file( Or you can download at user profile in our website) , whenever you have enough coin to run your masternode you can update your masternode ouput and output index then go to step 3 at this guide to run your masternode