-Do I need to send the coin to masternode.io?

No, absolutely no. We nerver ask you to deposit coins to our platform Or dumpwallet information or wallet.dat’s file

-Where are the masternodes hosted?

Each masternode is launched in a random datacenter of our partner in Europe.  In the near fulture we plan to host our sevices at Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform or Alibaba Cloud

-How safe are my coins with Masterhost?

Your coins are 100% safe. Masterhost works through a VPS wallet setup only, meaning that your coins never actually leave your wallet. At no point does Masterhost have access to the collateral coins of your masternode. Never send your coins or private keys to third parties

-What happens in case of server failure?

In the case of a technical incident at our hosting provider level, that gets your server rebooted or unavailable for a while, your server goes back to normal after the server starts again. Sometimes a start from your wallet is required

-How many masternodes can you support for one VPS?

Each masternode is launched on only one VPS with daily backup

-Because the coin sometimes require upgrate the wallet so, Do you charge additional fee for that upgrade?

No, we will upgrade wallet at VPS for free. Maybe a start from your wallet is required

-How do I know my masternodes are working and receive the rewards without open my wallet?

You can you the monitoring function at masternodes.online or nodecheck.io, mnode.club.

In the near future we will integrate this function in our platform and we will have mobile app soon

-Can I change the alias name?

The alias name is automatic generate by our system but Yes, you can change alias name if you want

 -If I send out the collateral and then oneday I want to run the masternode again in the same VPS, is this possible ?

Yes, of course if your billing is still valid you need to update the TX at your masternode.conf‘s file then start alias at local wallet. That’s all